Carbon Trading Mechanism

In accordance with the mandate of  the Presidential Regulation Number 46 In 2008, the DNPI has the duty to formulate policies and procedures for setting mechanism of carbon trading. Mandate as well as a tupoksi Carbon Trading Mechanism Division (MPK). MPK Division is also responsible for the Secretariat of the National Committee for Clean Development Mechanism or the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in its function as the Designated National Authority (DNA) for CDM projects in Indonesia.

Principally, MPK Division activities are as follows:

• Outreach and public consultation on carbon trading;

• Monitor and evaluate the status of the development of the carbon market in Indonesia;

• Develop and support the potential of carbon  market instruments in Indonesia as well as its participation in carbon markets bilateral, multilateral or international;

• Formulate policies, strategies and mechanisms for carbon trading.

Coordinator: Ir. Dicky Edwin Hindarto

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